About Us 

1-Stop: bridging the gap

1-Stop is an information communications technology (ICT) company providing specialist services to supply chain participants in the import and export of goods to and from Australian ports.

We are a central point for the exchange of data and electronic messaging between community members, for example for the purposes of container and vessel tracking, vehicle bookings at terminals,  Electronic Import Delivery Orders (EIDOs), Pre Receival Advices (PRA), invoice and payments systems, and more. By ‘bridging the gap’, our services save companies time and money.

Our systems are designed to respond to the needs of the different sectors of the freight and logistics community: ports, terminals, shipping lines, freight forwarders, customs brokers, depots, importers and exporters, road carriers and rail operators. We recognise that these supply chain participants have different needs and we aim to meet those needs by providing unique packages and tailor-made solutions. This way, we maximise the operating efficiency of the supply chain as a whole.

With 1-Stop, you can enjoy:

  • efficient and real time transactions between community members;
  • improved data quality;
  • clear, visible data about vessel and container movements;
  • easy reporting to Australian Customs Services to meet regulatory requirements;
  • time and cost savings, thanks to automation of repetitive transactions;
  • better ability to respond to your customers; and
  • improved business efficiency, due to the ‘one-to-many’ solution ­‑ access one system to do business with many providers.

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