Container Parks and Depots 

Container parks and depots face unique challenges when managing trucks and container traffic. Analysts predict that long truck queues, congestion and container re-directions will continue to occur as trade volumes to and from Australia continue to grow. 1-Stop has a range of solutions to meet these challenges.

Some of the critical issues for container parks and depots include:

  • inaccurate container volume forecasts for any given period;
  • no notification of container numbers prior to de-hire;
  • inconsistent advice on the export container release number;
  • no prior knowledge of when the containers are being de-hired or picked up;
  • no prior knowledge of which carrier will de-hire or pick up a container;
  • an inability to match resource requirements against demand; and
  • an inability to disseminate information to the supply chain community to advise of any issues related to park operations that may impact the pick up or the delivery of a container.

1-Stop can provide inter-connectivity between supply chain partners and create clear and visible pathways for transactions and business functions. The result? Greater business efficiency and cost reduction.

Vehicle Booking System – the 1-Stop Vehicle Booking System (VBS) is a web based slot booking system designed to allow road carriers to organise the collection and delivery of containers at the container park or depot. The 1-Stop VBS can work with any park management system, meaning it can talk to your current system or any new system you choose to implement. With
1-Stop’s VBS, you can:

  • eliminate truck queues;
  • provide community visibility across parks and stevedores;
  • validate empty container return information and empty container release data coming from the shipping lines;
  • co-ordinate park and wharf visits with same VBS same screen for road carriers;
  • provide comprehensive reports on all truck performance at your park facilities;
  • allow you to charge a slot fee for de-hire and pick up containers; and
  • automatically issue slot invoices to trucking companies and facilitate payment via our payment system, ComPay.

Customs Reporting –  1-Stop has developed a reporting bureau to provide Section 77G depots with an interactive and web-based facility to satisfy the Australian Customs Service (Customs) import depot reporting requirements. There is no need for a digital certificate; the 1-Stop bureau will handle this requirement on the depot's behalf. Customs provides cargo status and underbond movement messages to pre-populate the reporting web screens. This reduces data entry while ensuring excellent data quality.

With 1-Stop’s web based system there is no need for software, upgrades or new hardware. Add to this our 24/7 customer support and the 1-Stop reporting bureau provides a simple, cost effective and reliable facility for the successful reporting of depot information to Customs.  Reporting includes: Cargo Status; Receival Outturn; Unpack; and Underbond Movement Request.

Messaging Hub – we provide a common platform for electronic business communication. Users of the hub can transfer EDI messages in multiple formats to various parties of the supply chain.

1-Stop Gateway 1-Stop provides easy online access to real time vessel schedule and container event information as well as providing a service for creating and submitting Pre Receival Advices (PRAs) to the terminals. Information includes vessel name, voyage, Lloyds, ETA, ETD, Arrival and Departures, import availability times, storage start dates, export receivals, discharge, load, gate in, gate out and more. 

Maritime Security Identification Card (MSIC) any person needing unescorted access within a maritime security zone is required to display an MSIC. Applications for an MSIC must be done through an approved issuing body. 1-Stop is a centralised facilitator of services to the international trade and logistics industry, having been granted this status by the Department of Transport and Regional Services (DoTaRS).

ComTrac – ComTrac is a proactive and fully integrated electronic data messaging service that delivers real time vessel and container information automatically into your software systems. Information include vessel name, voyage, Lloyds, ETA, ETD, arrival and departures, import availability times, storage start dates, export receivals, discharge, load, gate in, gate out and more.

Payments Solutions – ComPay is a web based payment system created specifically for the freight industry. With ComPay you can pay your invoices at any time, at your desk, 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. As a member of ComPay you can also receive payments from your own customers and be notified immediately via email when payment is made.



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