Road and Rail 

1-Stop provides a number of key services designed to assist  road and rail companies with day to day operations. With rising costs being passed up the supply chain, it's more important than ever to adopt smart technology.
1-Stop technology can help carrier businesses overcome common problems, such as:

  • poor truck utilisation;
  • costs for trucks sitting idle;
  • futile trip costs;
  • congestion and queues at terminals and container parks;
  • lack of data communication and visibility; and
  • container detention and storage costs.


  • Improved efficiency: receive automated data into your transport management systems.

1-Stop clients benefit from the following advantages.

  • Improved communication and coordination: talk to terminals, container parks, depots and transporters.
  • Improved customer service: achieve better visibility and accuracy of key data.
  • Better truck utilisation.
  • Reduction in idle costs and futile trips.
  • Reduced detention and storage costs: let better data automation improve efficiency and save you money.

1-Stop Gateway 1-Stop provides easy online access to real time vessel schedule and container event information as well as providing a service for creating and submitting Pre Receival Advices (PRAs) to the terminals. Information includes vessel name, voyage, Lloyds, ETA, ETD, Arrival and Departures, import availability times, storage start dates, export receivals, discharge, load, gate in, gate out and more. 

Vehicle Booking System – the 1-Stop Vehicle Booking System (VBS) is a web based slot booking system designed to allow road carriers to organise the collection and delivery of containers at the wharf.

Train Consist – the 1-Stop Train Consist application allows rail operators to submit Train Consist messages to terminals using either the 1-Stop web or EDI data transmission.  

Rail tagging and release – all containers discharged from a vessel are defaulted to 'road' as the next mode of transport for the container leaving the terminal. The rail tagging and release service allows industry representatives to automatically update the terminal system with a 'rail' status via the tagging process and a subsequent update by industry can release the container for loading onto rail.

Maritime Security Identification Card (MSIC)any person needing unescorted access within a maritime security zone is required to display an MSIC. Applications for an MSIC must be done through an approved issuing body. 1-Stop is a centralised facilitator of services to the international trade and logistics industry, having been granted this status by the Department of Transport and Regional Services (DoTaRS).

ComTrac – ComTrac is a proactive and fully integrated electronic data messaging service that delivers real time vessel and container information automatically into your software systems. Information include vessel name, voyage, Lloyds, ETA, ETD, Arrival and Departures, import availability times, storage start dates, export receivals, discharge, load, gate in, gate out and more.

Payments solutions – ComPay is a web based payment system created specifically for the freight industry. With ComPay you can pay your invoices including freight and terminal storage charges, at any time, at your desk, 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. As a member of ComPay you can also receive payments from your own customers and be notified immediately via email of when payment is made.



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