1-Stop Services 

1-Stop is Australia’s premier ICT company offering tailor-made services to the freight and logistics industry. We anticipate the community’s needs and aim to be first with the solution. Every day our community of users grows. We initially developed our systems to meet the needs of Australia's major stevedores; now a vast number of industry participants use our services. When you register for 1-Stop services, you’re choosing the services the industry prefers.

1-Stop’s services

1-Stop Gateway   providing online access to real time vessel schedule and container event information as well as providing a service for creating and submitting Pre Receival Advices (PRAs) to the terminals.

Vehicle Booking System (VBS)  is a web-based online slot booking system designed for terminals and container parks. It is used to organise the receival and delivery of shipping containers.

ComPay  is a web based online payment system created specifically for the freight industry. With ComPay, you can pay your invoices including freight and terminal storage charges, at any time, at your desk, 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. As a member of ComPay you can also receive payments from your own customers and be notified immediately via email of when payment is made.

ComTrac our proactive and fully integrated electronic data messaging service will deliver real time vessel and container information automatically into your software systems.

Maritime Security Identification Card (MSIC) any person needing unescorted access within a maritime security zone is required to display an MSIC. Applications for an MSIC must be done through an approved issuing body. 1-Stop is one such body, having been granted this status by the Department of Transport and Regional Services (DoTaRS).

Messaging Hub
– is a common platform for electronic business communication. Users of the hub can transfer EDI messages in multiple formats to various parties of the supply chain.

Customs Reporting – our web-based system enables shipping lines, depots and terminals to satisfy Customs Cargo Reporting. Simply send an EDI file to 1-Stop and manage your Customs reporting requirements via the 1-Stop online system.

Electronic Import Delivery Order (EIDO)  –  our EDI platform enables shipping lines to send electronic import delivery orders (EIDO) to the container terminal operators. The EIDO message contains an unique PIN. The message is sent by shipping lines to 1-Stop and passed directly to the relevant terminal to enable collection of the container.  

Booking validation –  (for shipping lines) 1-Stop can validate each PRA received into the terminals against the export bookings per vessel. If the submitted PRA does not match the booking the PRA is rejected and the container will not be delivered to wharf. This service reduces the cost of cargo claims, re-stows and clerical errors that result in containers being delivered wrongly to the terminal. 

Booking reconciliation – shipping lines using the 1-Stop validation service can make use of an additional service: we provide regular reporting via HTML or CSV file on the number of export containers gated into the terminal against your booking list.

Rail Tagging and Release the Rail Tagging and Release service allows industry representatives to automatically update the terminal system with a Rail status via the tagging process and a subsequent update by industry can release the container for loading onto Rail.

Train Consist the 1-Stop Train Consist application allows rail operators to submit Train Consist messages to terminals either via our 1-Stop web or submitting train messages electronically via an EDI message.


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