Customs Reporting Overview 

1-Stop's web-based system enables shipping lines, depots and vessel operators to satisfy Australian Customs Services (Customs) import and export cargo reporting requirements.


Shipping lines provide a manifest file which 1-Stop converts into an EDIFACT message for reporting to Customs. This file provides the basis of the import reporting, however where additional information is required that is not available within the shipping lines systems, interactive web based screens will be provided at These web screens will also enable those shipping lines with low volumes to create the cargo reports directly from the web screens rather than supply a manifest file.

Manifest lodgment and manifest re-lodgments includes the following messages and their responses:

  • SEAIAR – Sea Impending Arrival Report;
  • SEAAAR – Sea Actual Arrival Report;
  • SEACR – Cargo Report;
  • UBMR – Underbond Requests;
  • CARLST – Cargo List Report; and
  • SEAINT – Integrated Cargo Report (Optional).


1-Stop provides export manifest interactive web screens that allow shipping lines to create and lodge the four main message types:

  • Departure Report (CUSREP);
  • Export Main Manifest (CUSCAR – EMM); and
  • Sub-Manifest - Slot Sub-Manifest (CUSCAR – ESM (S)) and Consolidated Sub-Manifest (CUSCAR – ESM (C)).

 A report facility is also provided to enable shipping lines to receive Carrier Movement Advice (CUSRES - CARMOV).

For depots

1-Stop also provides Section 77G depots with interactive web screens to satisfy the Customs import depot reporting requirements. The 1-Stop reporting bureau provides a simple, cost effective and reliable facility for the successful reporting of depot information to Customs.  Reporting includes:

  • Cargo Status;
  • Receival Outturn;
  • Unpack; and 
  • Underbond Movement Request.


There are many benefits to using 1-Stop’s web based messaging service, as follows.

  • There is no need for a digital certificate for day to day processing: this requirement will be handled by 1-Stop on the shipping lines' behalf.
  • Feel confident that messaging is in a secure environment which restricts user access to an organisation and offers state of the art disaster recovery.
  • There is no need for expensive in-house development: Customs based message translation and management is provided by 1-Stop.
  • Automated services mean reduced labour resource requirements and significant cost savings.
  • Save money on expensive software, software upgrades and new hardware: 1-Stop’s web based system provides access to multiple users world wide via the Internet.
  • Access the system 24/7 and enjoy non-stop Help Desk support.

 For more information on our Customs Reporting service please contact our 1-Sales Team on 1300 881 055 or


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