Electronic Import Delivery Order (EIDO) Overview 

In 2006, at the request of the terminals, 1-Stop developed the Electronic Import Delivery Order (EIDO), modernising the existing paper-based process for import deliveries.

How does it work?

Once a shipping line has received payment and all other commercial requirements are satisfied, they confirm that the cargo can be delivered by generating the Electronic Import Delivery Order (EIDO) or 'authority to deliver' message to 1-Stop. Included in this is a unique personal identification number (PIN).

This electronic message is received directly from the shipping line, or from a third party, or entered into a specially developed web screen that 1-Stop provides for those shipping lines that are unable to generate a message. 1-Stop then forwards this authority to the relevant terminal and to the importer or their appointed agent.

With paper delivery orders a thing of the past, the transport operator now need only link the PIN number to the booking within the Vehicle Booking System and quote it at arrival at the gate. EIDO saves all supply chain participants time and money.

To find out more about the EIDO process, please contact 1-Stop Helpdesk on ph: 1300 881 055  or email: helpdesk@1-stop.biz.



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