Messaging Hub Overview 

The 1-Stop Messaging Hub provides a common platform for the transfer of electronic data interchange (EDI) messages between community partners in the freight, shipping and logistics supply chain. 

Our system supports multiple message standards and protocols. We deal with different messaging types from various companies; we standardise these relationships by using our hub to manage hundreds of separate message implementations to suit each of your customers and suppliers.  Essentially, the 1-Stop hub converts your messages into the customer's required format.

We maintain the strictest standards of security and confidentiality.

 The 1-Stop Messaging Hub provides:

  • secure and confidential interconnectivity between all parties;
  • a One-To-Many system for communicating with other members in the supply chain;
  • supply chain data that can be sent once to many locations, for example container availabilities, load and discharge, gate out, gate, unpack and packing;
  • the ability to track progress of transactions (form example pending, accepted);
  • the ability to track cargo movements, with updated ETA information and onboard vessel messages for transhipped cargo;
  • event management, so you can find out as soon as your container has arrived, discharged off the vessel, arrived back into the terminal or if it has been detained; and
  • one data base recording all information for easy retrieval.

  When you use the 1-Stop Messaging Hub, you can do the following.

  • Standardise processes: receive data in 1 format and from 1 source to make the transaction easier.
  • Improve data quality through greater accuracy and timeliness: No need to rely on manual input open to mistakes.
  • Allow for the addition of any future network participants: which simplifies, accelerates and reduces the cost
  • Automate repetitive transactions: Let the Hub update data from various sources and populate into your system.
  • Enhance customer responsiveness: answer queries more confidently and quickly.
  • Improve business and operational efficiencies: save time and money. 
  • Reduce the cost of EDI development: using the Hub means you avoid the need to set up different communication methods for each party and ultimately reduces costs.

To find out how your business can be integrated into the 1-Stop messaging HUB please contact 1-Stop at



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